10 questions about the DLP system: why do I need it, what can I do, and what can’t I do?

1. Why do we need to install a monitoring program? I trust my employees.

2. DLP is expensive. Does it pay off if we don’t have dark secrets?

3. How can I use DLP to control the computers of employees who work outside the office?

4. Can DLP control mobile phones?

5. If employees find out that we are following them, can they sue us?

6. If employees know about control, does it make sense?

7. Do we need a separate specialist to work with DLP? How much time will my employee spend working with your system?

8. What is the load of DLP on the network and PC?

9. Where are the guarantees that no one will get access to our information?

10. What makes you better than other similar software solutions?



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