10 questions about the DLP system: why do I need it, what can I do, and what can’t I do?

Today DLP system’s purpose is not just monitoring data leaks as it was in the beginning. Now DLP systems are commonly used to solve a much broader list of problems of information, economic, and personnel security. An employer can make use of data from the system to optimize business processes, control and increase productivity, and even more.

In this article, we decided to answer 10 most common questions that we hear from potential customers about the capabilities and limitations of DLP systems and our SearchInform DLP in particular.

1. Why do we need to install a monitoring program? I trust my employees.

In the language of numbers:

95% of information security incidents happen due to human error (IBM Managed Security Services research).

Our research shows that only 9% of companies over the last business season manage to avoid incidents caused by their employees.

2. DLP is expensive. Does it pay off if we don’t have dark secrets?

When a business is ready to invest in its threat mitigation, we provide flexible licensing. The price, accordingly, depends on the volume of purchase, the number of controlled channels, etc. We usually provide an example, which shows that money a company spends on DLP protection equals the cost of office tea, coffee, and a new year’s corporate party.

3. How can I use DLP to control the computers of employees who work outside the office?

At the same time, there are legal restrictions on installing monitoring programs on personal devices. Therefore, if it is not possible to provide employees with corporate devices, personal computers should act as a thin client and be used as an entry point to the corporate infrastructure. In this case, DLP system agents can be installed directly on the terminal server.

4. Can DLP control mobile phones?

Within this complex approach, DLP systems make information theft as difficult as possible. The software precludes the possibility of information leak from the computer to the phone through all channels. There is only one leakage scenario left: an employee makes photographs of the monitor screen. And to restrain these office photographers, an employer can apply measures of so-called “social pressure”: video surveillance in offices, elimination of situations when an employee is alone in the office, etc.

5. If employees find out that we are following them, can they sue us?

6. If employees know about control, does it make sense?

Yes, malicious intruders will be more cautious and start looking for ways to circumvent the DLP system. Even Homer sometimes nods and experienced criminals are also prone to make small mistakes. There was a story of how the “elusive” hacker came to the police attention because he pointed out his secret email address when ordering a pizza.

7. Do we need a separate specialist to work with DLP? How much time will my employee spend working with your system?

Still and all, it depends on DLP automatization, which may differ. For example, our SearchInform DLP enables a specialist to fully control 1,500 people. There is no need to start from scratch, you will have a package of installed security policies at your disposal. Implementation Department will assist you in further configuration ensuring you reap the work of your DLP.

Let me also remind you that if the company does not have enough security specialists, there is an option to use outsourcing. This approach is also in demand among large companies that want to strengthen their staff.

8. What is the load of DLP on the network and PC?

SearchInform DLP can be configured flexibly. Depending on the task, you can minimize the load on the PC, then even on a machine with 512mb RAM and 2ghz CPU, the work of agents will be almost invisible. If you need to offload the network, you can set a limit on the channel width used by agents. In this case, the agent creates a queue of data on the workstation (it uses hidden encrypted storage) and gradually passes it to the server.

9. Where are the guarantees that no one will get access to our information?

10. What makes you better than other similar software solutions?



Leading Analyst at https://searchinform.com/, I’m here to address those human factor risks many businesses often neglect or aren’t even aware of

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Alex Parfentiev

Leading Analyst at https://searchinform.com/, I’m here to address those human factor risks many businesses often neglect or aren’t even aware of