Is there a safe way of using apps?

Malware can reach a device if a violator gains physical access to the gadget. Taking into account performance of contemporary devices it takes a few seconds to install spyware. You can install a spy app on a smartphone or a PC yourself taking it for a simple application or any other useful software. Even such official stores as AppStore and GooglePlay don’t check the source code of the software where spy tools can be wired in. Excessive permissions the software wants to get can indirectly indicate their dubious nature. There is a textbook case featuring a flashlight app which needs your contacts, photos and geolocation. Taxi apps don’t surprise you anymore with these requirements, while the service can use the permission received from you to actually find your location or to spy as well.

All security rules forbid users to go to such sources as corporate services or email via browsers through public access points. This is not just a preventive measure, browser traffic is easy to intercept, and there are many ways to do it. The same thing can be said about confidential negotiations conducted on the phone. There are methods of conversation interception, they are expensive and complicated to implement but if someone really needs to listen to you it won’t become an obstacle.



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