Targeting human vs. hacking software

85% of data breaches are the cause of targeting people, not software.

According to Verizon recent report, the majority of data leaks don’t happen due to software undermining, but ensue from scam communication with employees.

The analysis was based on 655 data incidents and 472 breaches in the healthcare industry.

Among the other conclusions drawn from this research there are:

  • Most breaches resulted from interaction with external actors — 61% — rather than due to human error. Anyway, human error might include some episodes of communication with external violators, whether it’s because of negligence or as an insider’s intent
  • Human factor keeps influencing the healthcare industry. 36% of incidents are mere misdelivery
  • 91% of data breaches in the sector are fraudulent attempts to steal money, 5% are the consequences of “fun”, 4% — espionage, 1% includes all the incidents instigated by disgruntled employees
  • The data which got leaked more often — in 66% of cases it was personal data, in 55% — medical records, in 32% — login details, passwords, and 20% are represented by other kinds of information

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